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Through our offices and with the help of volunteers, we are working to meet needs both locally and nationally, with a global vision. Here is an overview of the outreaches supported by the friends and partners of Kim Robbins Ministries. Through the generous giving of our partners, we are able to have begun a work to:



  • Share the Word of God through Kim's conferences

  • Rescue women and children from the horrors of human trafficking

  • Minister to and support "returning citizens" with food, job opportunties, and housing. To date, more than  500 incarcerated men in just one transition center have accepted Christ into their lives.

  • Publish Kim's books

  • House, feed, with a goal to educate, orphaned and impoverished children in neglected lands 

  • Provide clean drinking water to families at home and abroad living with substandard water conditions. We hope to do this by providing bottled water, wells and water tanks to Americans in need and countries like India as well as drought-ridden places on the African continent.

  • Donate to local disaster relief and emergency efforts as they arise and as we have funds available

  • We hope to do much more than this . . . like winning other world religions to Christ and reaching those who have been, or are, trapped in religious cults.


Updated January 2024


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